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Point to point PTP Wireless Network Backhaul Products.
LigoPTP 5-N UNITY. A 5GHz Wireless Device with External Antenna Support and Link Failover for Reliable Long-Distance PTP Scenarios. LigoPTP 5-23 UNITY. A 5GHz Wireless Device with an Integrated 23dBi Panel Antenna and Link Failover for Reliable Short-to-Mid Range PTP Scenarios.
PTP 820C Wireless Backhaul Cambium Networks.
PTP 820C is an all-outdoor, multi-core unit. The PTP 820C has dual-core functionality enabling the system to operate up to 2 Gbps via software upgrades, eliminating the need for future forklift upgrades, or major system overhaul by the network operator to deliver gigabit-plus capacity.
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TimeProvider 5000 Microsemi.
TimeProvider 5000 Features. IEEE 1588-2008 Precision Time Protocol PTP Grandmaster with support for PTP telecom profiles. High capacity up to 2000 PTP clients. High PTP message rate up to 128 messages per second. Redundant hardware: inputs, outputs, clock, and power.
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PTP 700 Mission-Critical Communications Solutions Meets FIPS 140-2.
With FIPS 140-2 and NTIA certification, PTP 700 is available in two models: Connectorized, and ConnectorizedIntegrated allowing for antenna selection at time of deployment. Fed/Defense Inquiries Download Spec Sheet. PTP 700 for Mission-Critical PTP Communications Features FIPS 140-2 and NTIA Certification with 4.4 GHz to 5.9 GHz PTP Frequency.
Species delimitation server.
bPTP is an updated version of the original maximum likelihood PTP maximum likelihood PTP search result is part of the bPTP results, it adds Bayesian support BS values to delimited species on the input tree. Higher BS value on a node indicates all descendants from this node are more likely to be from one species.
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Understanding the PTP Media Profiles TechLibrary Juniper Networks.
Support for encapsulating PTP over IPv4/UDP. Multicast is required for both PTP over IPv4 and PTP over UDP. Support for IEEE 1588 delay request and response method for the path delay measurement. Support for the default IEEE 1588 BMCA algorithm.
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PTP Downloads The Eclipse Foundation.
The easiest way to download and install PTP is to use the Eclipse for Parallel Application Developers package. If you have an earlier version of Eclipse for Parallel Application Developers, you can update to PTP 9.1.4 via Help Check for Updates.
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PTP Translator PTP to Legacy Time Codes Like IRIG-B Tekron.
Tekron's' PTP Translator is a compact DIN-rail mount device that translates PTP default, power and telecommunications profiles to legacy time codes such as IRIG-B, DCF77 or user defined pulses. The PTP Translator enables you to migrate to PTP without having to incur the expense of replacing all your equipment that doesnt support PTP.
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A tale of two mitochondrial channels, MAC and PTP, in apoptosis. PubMed NCBI.
Opening of PTP would lead to matrix swelling, subsequent rupture of the outer membrane, and an unspecific release of intermembrane proteins into the cytosol. However, many believe PTP opening is a consequence of apoptosis and this channel is thought to principally play a role in necrosis, not apoptosis.
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Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform PTP The Eclipse Foundation.
PTP Oxygen.3 released March 21, 2018. If you installed the Eclipse for Parallel Application Developers package you can do Help Check for Updates. You can also see Updating from a previous release on the PTP wiki for details about updating from and to different releases.

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