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Tip links in hair cells: molecular composition and role in hearing loss.
The coiled structure of the tip link and the properties expected of conventional cadherins suggest that the tip link is relatively stiff 62. The spring element should then be in series with the tip link, possible as putative elastic filaments between the membrane and the dense actin core 6.
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The tip-link antigen, a protein associated with the transduction complex of sensory hair cells, is protocadherin-15. PubMed NCBI.
One of these links, the tip link, connects the top of a shorter stereocilium with the lateral membrane of an adjacent taller stereocilium and may gate the mechanotransducer channel of the hair cell. Mass spectrometric and Western blot analyses identify the tip-link antigen, a hitherto unidentified antigen specifically associated with the tip and kinocilial links of sensory hair bundles in the inner ear and the ciliary calyx of photoreceptors in the eye, as an avian ortholog of human protocadherin-15, a product of the gene for the deaf/blindness Usher syndrome type 1F/DFNB23 locus.
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3 It has been found that the tip links are relatively stiff, so it is thought that there has to be something else in the hair cells that is stretchy which allows the stereocilia to move back and forth. It is hypothesized that the tip link is attached to the myosin motor which moves along actin filaments.
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