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Teralitre Tl or TL, a metric unit of volume or capacity. Thallium Tl, a chemical element. Thermoluminescence dating, in geochronology. Total length in fish measurement. tl, East Timor's' Internet country code top-level domain. Transform, clipping, and lighting TL, in computer graphics.
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tl Wikipedia.
According to the registry, all registrants in tp have automatically been given the equivalent domains in tl, and no further tp registrations are accepted. For a long time, the tl Whois information at IANA showed no sponsoring organization or registry, and the domain did not appear to work even though the country involved was claiming to be transitioning to it.
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MN Elementary Mafia Elementary Mafia Vote Thread Shin Megami Tensei: The Devil Inside Mafia Active List of Mafia Games 2.0 TL Mafia Community Thread. Stream Indy Stream FR Playing Fornite Squad/Duo 100%Rush Stream SwagSyndrome Stream Future. TotalBiscuit Tribute Drawing Live stream today.
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TL Fluorescent Lamps and Starters Philips Lighting.
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Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to navigation Jump to search. See also: Tl, TL, and tl. tsp teaspoon as a unit of measure. in or into the. Retrieved from" https// Ladin compound words. Ladin non-lemma forms. Entries with non-standard headers.
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TL Language.
Polymorphism in TL. Dependent types in TL. Formal description of TL. Formal description of TL combinators. TL schema for serialization of TL schemas. Optional combinator parameters and their values. Binary serialization and abstract TL types. Formal description of templates in TL.
IANA tl Domain Delegation Data.
North Island 0744 New Zealand Email: Voice: 64 9 446 6370 Name Servers. Host Name IP Addresses URL for registration services: http// WHOIS Server: IANA Report on the Delegation of the TL Top-Level Domain 2005-08-05. Record last updated 2018-01-30.
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Get a TL mug for your brother Jerry. Another word for marijuana, but code named so teens can use this term freely among parents. TL stands for tea" leaf" which is usually the preliminary smoking substance to marijuana. Yo Alex, let's' go TL.

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